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What is branding?

What is branding? I've been asked this a lot over the years... and it's actually a really good question. Branding is like the whole personality of your business... it is what makes your business easily recognisable to your clients and they can identify you by your visuals, your messaging and everything you do.  If you get all all your branding done correctly, put in practice exceptional customer service and systems and of course have a great product or service ( obvs! ) you can can cre...

March 17, 2022

How To Market Your Business

Branding & Marketing advice for New Zealand small businesses Starting your business from scratch can be scary and quite daunting, I remember those days too. But after 8 or so years I've a little black book now of marketing ideas for brand awareness which I thought would be great to share. Some will work fantastically great for you, some won't, but feel free to choose the ones that might: Website - if you haven't got one, get one! And don't be afraid to get a little help with it it. Whether it's ...

October 10, 2020

How To Create A Moodboard

Branding & Marketing advice for New Zealand small businesses Creating a moodboard can be very useful prior to creating your business branding. I find it helps the client really pinpoint want they really like in terms of fonts, colours, imagery etc. So what will feel like a jumbled mess in their head is actually a distinct style that they didn't realise they had, as there is always a common thread running through every Pinterest board created by my clients. This part is actually a lot of fun!WHER...

October 10, 2020

Key Things To Remember When Designing Your Logo

Branding & Marketing advice for New Zealand small businesses Designing your logo for your business doesn't have to be overwhelming at all. In fact if you keep it real simple and follow a few key things they whole process can be quite fun and your logo will be great representation of your business for sometime. Here are some key things to remember when designing your logo for your business: CHOOSING THE NAMEOften the hardest part of the logo but very important. A good brainstorm session will help...

October 10, 2020

How to increase the traffic to your website

Branding & Marketing advice for New Zealand small businesses Have you wondered why your website, even after it has been built beautifully with ultimate functionality and SEO preparation, hasn’t got more traffic coming to it and a better search page ranking? I hear you, I did too! Because besides all those magical things there are other additional ingredients you can or possibly need to add to the secret sauce of being ranked on the first page.  If you are a nerd like myself, I’ve enjoye...

July 29, 2020

How to communicate to your customers you've re-branded

Branding & Marketing advice for New Zealand small businessesExciting news about your business re-brand. It's always refreshing having an update of your business branding, it's like having a big spend up on your wardrobe or a nice new haircut... you feel like a million bucks! Once the work is done its really important to not only update all your marketing channels such as your website, social media pages, email newsletter and business card etc but to tell your customers. We want to save them any ...

June 30, 2020

FOR YOU Floral Free Print

FOR YOU, FLORAL FREE PRINT //  How are you?! Geez 2020 has been one helluva year hasn't it?! So I've been working on this big bunch of flowers print just for you. It's an A4 size print. And all you need to do is follow this link to download the file and hit print. Take care x...

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