The Story…

About Us

I love stationery and believe life and celebrations should be lived colourfully, creatively and beautifully. I think I was just born this way, and my Mum was the same too, even her notebook collection was extraordinary. I had a funny feeling we weren’t the only ones and there were many other likeminded souls, like yourself, who share the same delight in stationery… you know that crazy grin that appears on your face when you get in close range to any sort of stationery, or when you stand all eye glazed over by the pretty colours and texture on the stands in front of you, we are like that too.

So in 2012 Creative Box was created with a simple plan. That was to create a range of lovely illustrated and designed stationery goods available for special events, business and everyday living, that make you do a happy dance… we love happy dances around here.


Kelly, designer and owner of Creative Box⠀

This is me, the lady behind the email, mouse and paintbrushes. The one that fills all the product photos with lollies and chocolate, much to my sugar free photographers dismay, so I can eat them afterwards. I love good laugh, feel topped up with love when I’m around my friends and family, love the beach, try to garden, enjoy a good book, music and dancing crazy with my kids, eat way too much chocolate, drink many cups of tea and do a lot drawing and painting even in my spare time.⠀