11th birthday and the lessons I’ve learnt

Lessons I've learnt in business

Well friends, Creative Box is 11 this month. Have I learnt a lot... yesssss... a whole lot... but not the normal business study stuff, the real hard resilient and mindset stuff. Recently, I've had conversation with other business owners, my coach, some lovely design students about what helps, what I've learnt and what I'm STILL working on...

1. 'Comparison is the thief of joy' - it's an oldie, but I swear by it, comparing will suck every ounce of happiness out of your bones, so...

2. Just be you... and enjoy it. No one can be you, and people love you for that. Embrace your quirkiness.

3. Rest when you are tired.

4. That inner critic that tells you that you can’t do it, she is lying. You can do it, and you will be amazing.

5. Keep going - even when you don't want too, or even if it's a baby step. All those times you show up and do the work will count towards your goal.

6. Keep learning - we don't want to get out of date.

7. Go out for coffees, have fun, celebrate wins. I'm a self confessed workaholic, but these are just as important for rebooting the system and getting me inspired and motivated.

8. Rest when you are tired.

9. Communication. Always have effective, timely and simple ways of communicating with your clients, suppliers... well, everyone.

10. As the amazing Suz Chadwick, Bold Business & Mindset Coach says, 'flip the script'. Rewrite your negative responses into positive ones, it will change your thoughts, actions, and your world.

11. Rest when you are tired… have I said that already?!

And that friends are my big 11 lessons I've learnt. I'd love to hear yours, so please feel free to share them.


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