Key things to remember when designing your logo

What are some key things I should remember when designing my logo?

Designing your logo for your business doesn't have to be overwhelming at all. In fact if you keep it real simple and follow a few key things they whole process can be quite fun and your logo will be great representation of your business for sometime.

Here are some key things to remember when designing your logo for your business:

Often the hardest part of the logo but very important. A good brainstorm session will help you get all your ideas out on paper. Things to keep in mind when you are naming your business are:
1. Will any of the words in my business name confuse people?
2. Does my business name tell people what I do, if not, will I need to incorporate a tagline or slogan?
3. Is anyone else using this name, domain name or handle on facebook? We always suggest doing a thorough search online, including on the New Zealand company register website first.

Often we will stick to black and white because it is just nice and easy. But colour is a great way of adding some personality to your brand. Colour enriches your brand but also evokes feeling about what you are selling and who you are too. For example, yellow expresses "joy". Blue makes you think of tradition, and is also calm and soothing.

Even if you choose one or two colours for your logo, you may look at having a few extra colours to play with on your website and social media pages. These are complimentary colours that look great beside your logo colours. For example, my logo is black and white, but I have since chosen to add a small colour palette of blush pink, burgundy and dark green to compliment my logo and add some colour to my stationery and online presence.

The important thing here to remember here is to choose colours that resonate with you and your business.

Before heading down the design side of your logo, also have a think about who your target market are. Are they young and hip with low to medium income, or a high end market in thier late 40 to 50s. Are they male or female? Knowing this kind of information is important, as you want your logo to speak to them in terms of design ie. using fonts that feel relatable and not scary, to them. But of course you want to love it too.



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