How to come up with a business name

How to come up with a business name

Coming up with a business name can be the first stumbling block when starting a new business or rebranding.

Creating the business name “Creative Box” in fact took me ages. And it was hubby Nat that thought of it.  "Creative" because I was going to create bold creative designs for my clients, and "Box" because of our last name Boxell. Those who don't know my last name, kindly think it's because I’m a box of creative goodness, which I secretly not so secretly now love.

Here are some easy ways to come up with the magic and also check that your new name will withstand the test of time.


Sit down and have some fun with a brainstorm session.

Ideas to brainstorm to cover

  • Use your name

  • Play on your name

  • Description of your product or service

  • Emotive connection or positioning

  • Creating an acronym

  • Make up a name

You can get further ideas from

  • Your business story, key features, location

  • The people who inspire you, founders

  • Symbolism & mythology

  • Using the thesaurus

Check the technical stuff

Once you have settled on your business name, check that it does the following

  • It’s not confusing and makes sense

  • Doesn’t sound too close to another business name

  • Easy to spell

  • Easy to pronounce

  • Short and catchy

Further checks

Now you need to check that no one else is using the name and your potential domain name, social media handles are all available

  • Check your name on Onecheck - a highly recommended New Zealand site for checking business name and trademark originality, as well as the availability of domain names and social media handles

You can also

  • Check through Google, Facebook, Instagram etc to ensure there are no businesses with similar names

  • Check a domain registrar such as GoDaddy that your domain name is available

  • Check New Zealand companies website that the name is not already registered

The most important thing is that your business name is short, catchy and easy to understand and your ideal clients will connect with it.


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