My favourite signage styles for 2023

My favourite signage styles for 2023

The time came when a client wandered down the left side of our house, past Nat's work van into the depths of the carport probably never to be seen again... I thought I must really get a sign for my office. 

I thought it was obvious my clients would see me smiling and waving from my office, but I soon realised people get nervous turning up to new places to talk with people about topics they are a little unsure about. And the best thing to do, was to get a nice business sign to help people feel at ease.

There is actually a lot of choices for signs! Mine as you can see from the photo above was created in steel by Lisa Steel

A few of you have asked about options recently, so I've gathered together some of my favourite signage solutions. Enjoy...

LEFT: Sandwich Board. Easy and versatile, these are great for placing outside your shop, at markets, or showing directions for home offices.

RIGHT: George & Willy Sandwich A Frame Sign. I love the modern take on this traditional style sign. Very cool, portable and usable for inside and outside.

LEFT. Decals. A really super easy way of adding signage to your shop or business front.

RIGHT. Cut Out Letters. These add a little wow to your brand. You could even add a bit of accent lighting for show stopping attention.

LEFT. Hanging Sign. A very stylish way to showcase your business signage. You can also get creative with the shape ie. circle, square, rectangle.

RIGHT. Wall Mounted Sign. Another George & Willy sign, but these are super modern and sleek so I had to share.

So many creative and beautiful ideas. Hopefully this was of help for those who are looking for signage ideas at the moment?

Have a great month and chat soon, Kelly x

P.S. If you have any design projects you are looking to start and you need a hand with. Yell out, I'm happy to help.


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