How to communicate to your customers you've re-branded

Communicating your re-brand. Blog by Creative Box. Hamilton, New Zealand


Exciting news about your business re-brand. It's always refreshing having an update of your business branding, it's like having a big spend up on your wardrobe or a nice new haircut... you feel like a million bucks!

Once the work is done its really important to not only update all your marketing channels such as your website, social media pages, email newsletter and business card etc but to tell your customers. We want to save them any confusion and share the re-brand journey with them, as they are the lifeline to your business - so the key here is communication.

Here are some great ideas to communicate to your customers once you've re-branded:

ONE - Share the journey
Before you switch your logos, colours into your website and marketing collateral start talking to your customers, visitors and followers about your re-brand. Share tidbits about it such as your moodboard, your thoughts on the process, the colour palette, maybe even a snippet of a proof. 

TWO - Tell your story
If you are changing your business name, why not tell your customers, visitors and followers the story behind the change? The will love to hear about it. It doesn't need to be novel or even well written, just write from your heart.

THREE - What are your values, why are you re-branding
Also share your business values and meaning behind any icons in your new logo too. This will give more purposefulness and back bone behind your new business look.

FOUR - The actual re-brand
Replace your old logo with the new one everywhere, this will ensure you maintain your uniform and professional appearance. Change your business name, tagline and messaging where appropriate.

FIVE - Gain brand awareness
To gain awareness of your new re-brand ensure you keep reminding your customers, visitors and followers. Not just once, but several times over a period of time. 

SIX - Maintaining brand awareness
Key places to communicate your new re-brand:

  • Social Media ( pin the post at the top, plus regular posts reminding followers )

  • Email to your Loyalty Customers

  • Website ( with a note about your re-brand )

  • Business Cards and other printed material, vehicles, uniform

  • Newspaper - contact your local paper for an article about your business

SEVEN - Celebrate
I snuck this one in, but it's easy. It's your reminder to celebrate - you deserve it after all that work! x

Take care, Kelly

P.S. If you have any design projects you are looking to start and you need a hand with. Yell out, I'm happy to help.



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