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How To Market Your Business

Blog post. Marketing ideas for brand awareness. By Kelly Boxell at Creative Box. Business owner & graphic designer. Te Awamutu, New Zealand

Branding & Marketing advice for New Zealand small businesses

Starting your business from scratch can be scary and quite daunting, I remember those days too. But after 8 or so years I've a little black book now of marketing ideas for brand awareness which I thought would be great to share.

Some will work fantastically great for you, some won't, but feel free to choose the ones that might:

  1. Website - if you haven't got one, get one! And don't be afraid to get a little help with it it. Whether it's the design, content writing, photography or SEO so Google can find you easily amongst the crowd. 
  2. Online Directories - sign up to these, as these are great too especially when starting out. Plus they help you get find online also.
  3. Local Markets & Expos - great for brand awareness and chatting with local customers, plus you get to meet lots of vendors. I've made some of my best friends out of doing these!
  4. Join networking groups - scary, but totally worth it too. Again, I've made some of my best friends here too.
  5. Get social - actually comment and interact on social media!
  6. Join Facebook Groups.
  7. Send out Mailchimp Emails to your regular customers - these remind them you are here!
  8. Follow up with clients to see how your service was.
  9. Post testimonials you receive from your clients on your website & social media platforms.
  10. Ask an Instagram influencer to try out your product.
  11. Get your car signwritten.
  12. Get business cards or flyers printed so you can hand them out at events.
  13. Make time to have a coffee with other business people of interest.
  14. Do a collaboration with other similar businesses.
  15. Promote a discount or giveaway of your product or service.
  16. Get an article about your business written in your local newspaper.
  17. Offer some free time at a local charity. Goodwill is always great.
  18. Facebook, Instagram and Google advertising can be useful when done right.
  19. Write a guest post on someone's blog.
  20. Speak at local events.
  21. Create a free resource for your fans/clients.
  22. Sponsor an event.



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