How to increase the traffic to your website

Improving traffic to your website. My six favourite tips. Blog written by website designer, Creative Box. New Zealand

9 ways to increase the traffic to your website

Have you wondered why your website, even after it has been built beautifully with ultimate functionality and SEO preparation, hasn’t got more traffic coming to it and a better search page ranking? I hear you, I did too! Because besides all those magical things there are other additional ingredients you can or possibly need to add to the secret sauce of being ranked on the first page. 

If you are a nerd like myself, I’ve enjoyed watching my website climb through the pages over the years. And I know that getting the SEO right on your website is definitely key, but also driving traffic to your website helps your ranking. I’ve popped my favourite nine things that will help your customers find you.

1. Blog. Write, write, write. Writing interesting & helpful blogs and saving on your website. It also gives you authority on your subject. No kidding, I wrote a blog post about DIY Confetti Cones years ago and it still ranks on page one and drives traffic to my site weekly.

2. Share the hell out of your website. That’s right, put your website URL everywhere and tell everyone about it. Put it on your postcards, email signature, car signage, all social media pages etc.

3. Online Directories or “People We Love” pages. These are great to sign up especially when your business has just started and you are still spreading the news. Add a wee description about yourself and include a link to your website. Same too if you and another business share each others business & website URL, these are called backlinks.

4. Sign Ups/Promos/Freebies. You get the idea. Anything to get people to visit your site.

5. Tell your local newspaper. If you have a new website, and especially if you have re-branded or have a new business why not contact your local newspaper to have an article written about you, so you can tell your community.

6. Update your website regularly. Keeping your website updated with new content and images keeps it looking fresh, or just make a few tweaks. Try and do a bit of housekeeping regularly, just like you would your home or retail shop. This is where writing new blogs comes in handy. 

7. Social media and emails. Regular engaging social media posts and emails that link back to your website are always great.

8. Targeted landing pages. Creating a dedicated landing page featuring a specific product or service your customer is interested in, makes it more focused and more searchable.

9. Digital ads. These require some knowledge, but can be great for driving more traffic to your website.

Most importantly, remember this is long term thing and it takes time to gain traction. Enjoy the process. Take care and chat soon x


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