DIY Envelope Liners

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DIY ENVELOPE LINERS // Envelope liners make an impressive impact to your wedding invitations. They can actually be a fun diy project if you are a crafty sort, or round the girls up to help. We’ve created a nice simple tutorial showing you how to make the liners for your invitation envelopes. You’ll just need the following materials and you’ll be ready to begin.


Light card or wallpaper with a pattern or colour you love

A piece of spare paper to use as template

Envelopes with triangle flap



Glue stick

Create your liner template by tracing your envelope onto some spare paper with pencil.


Cut about 10mm inside the traced line with scissors. This will allow the liner to slip inside the envelope easily – you don’t want it to sit on the seal & stick area at the top of the flap.

Check the liner template against the envelope to ensure its going to fit nicely.  Use the template to trace and cut out the liners from your chosen light card now. Cut as many as you need.


Once cut, glue the black of the liner and place into the envelope. Make sure all the edges are stuck down, including at the bottom of the envelope.

Fold the envelope gently on the fold… and you are done!



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