Laura is one well educated woman in facials and skincare. She is also funny, warm and just a goodie to chat with. I did her and her hubby's wedding invitations so we had heaps to talk about!

Her new adventure was establishing the Skin Depot in Hamilton specialising in tailored facials for glowing skin. I can vouch for her, you will walk out with the most amazing skin after one of her facials! Once you step inside the beautiful modern studio, Laura promptly makes you feel relaxed and begins the pampering. 

Laura wanted her logo to be modern and embrace the colours she was drawn too. We chose a delicious colour palette of coral, denim blue, light teal and sand and used this in her brochure and Instagram highlight icons. The face drawing was another aspect that Laura felt she really loved, and was really prominent on her moodboard. We felt this would be good to capture in her logo, as the face is the focus of her business.

This would be one of my favourite logos from 2019 because of the colour use, sweeping contrasted lines in the drawing and then the strong text for the business name.

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