Bear & Moo, is a thriving Waikato business based on the concept of new Mums using reusable nappies, and in return saving cash and the environment. Hannah, owner of Bear & Moo is loveable and relatable as she is a new Mum too, loves to chat and has has great simple approach to business. We've also been friends for many years now, when we met in the wedding industry back in 2013 and I've been doing her graphic design throughout her business life since.Though Hannah created her own logo ( its pretty cute huh? ), as at the time she was just testing out the products and just wanted to get something going, I now create all her brochures, thank you cards and packaging for Bear & Moo. Mainly, to keep the Bear & Moo branding consistent throughout and it also saves Hannah a whole of time - she just sends me a quick brief, we have a chat and then the magic happens!

Brochure design for New Zealand reusable nappy business, Bear & Moo. Waikato. Creative Box

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