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STUCK FOR GIFT REGISTRY IDEAS? // Recently I discovered Honeypot Registry, a different kind of gift registry which I thought was quite genius.

Today’s couples typically have been living together for a while and have accumulated all the traditional wedding gifts well before their wedding day. So in lieu of gifts they would like to ask for money to go towards a large purchase, a holiday/honeymoon or house renovation. But how do you politely ask for money? Honeypot Registry take the stress out of this; here today we have Verity from Honeypot Registry to tell us how it works, plus she has a special offer for you…

Verity, could you please tell us what Honeypot is, and how couples can use it? 

Absolutely! Honeypot Registry is all about creating your wedding registry, your way.

You simply add any item you like, whether flights for your honeymoon, cocktails on the beach, skydiving, a lounge suite – the sky’s the limit! You get to personalise all the items, including their name and description and a photo, so it’s got exactly what you want on it, rather than being stuck only with what one travel agent or one gift shop offers.

Once you’ve set up the registry, guests can choose whether to gift the full value of an item or an amount towards it. You get that cash transferred to your account to use for your honeymoon or whatever else you like, and your guests know they’ve given you a real, practical gift that you really want.

What are the most common things couples ask for these days? 

Honeymoons are a big one – flights, accommodation, things to do, meals out etc. – but there are so many other things! Some people ask for help with other big items, like fridges or couches that they’ve only had hand-me-downs of before, or for smaller things that they’re missing in the house. Some couples have even used it to get help saving towards their first home deposit – or to help them get a puppy (one of our personal favourites)!

How will couples know their money is secure? 

We’re held responsible under the Anti-Money Laundering Act, so we’ve gone through some pretty stringent checks to be able to operate. Your guests’ contributions all go through DPS, which is a secure and widely-used transaction system and then comes into a separate, secure bank account that doesn’t transact any of our company costs before we transfer it to you every fortnight. Honeypot is only authorised to remove the transaction fees so you can be sure the contribution gets to you safe and sound as your guests intended.

How do couples find you, and whats this amazing deal you have for them? 

You can find us at – but as a special deal for Creative Box customers, we’re happy to offer you a 10% discount. Just email and let us know you found out about them from Creative Box to get sent your personal discount code.


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