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Below you will find a pricing guide of our “Collection” wedding stationery range.
If you would like a “tailor-made” invitation please contact us below and we can chat about a custom design that suits you.

The prices include the following:

Consultation: Done via phone, email or in person at our studio we chat about the design of your stationery including the fonts, colour and card stock that suits you. Here we also finalise the wording and details, and answer any questions. We can even offer some helpful advice on those questions regarding gifts, rsvp, children at your event etc.

Design: All your artwork will be completed by us, including the set up of files ready for printing. We put a lot of love into our work by creating all the illustrations in our collection range here in the studio either digitally or hand painted.

Printing: Your stationery will be printed off site at our trusted local printing company. 

Foiling & Letterpress: If you are adding “foiling” or would love a classic letterpress effect added to your invitations we have two fantastic little companies that each specialise in these. 

Assembly: If you require the addition of twine, lace bellybands or pocket fold style invitations, we take care of the assembly of these so you don’t have to worry about it. We try to source all these additional products from local New Zealand businesses.

Envelopes: Sourced from another New Zealand business, all your invitations, save the date cards and thank you cards come with a thick white quality envelope to post them in.

Wedding stationery pricing, Creative Box

Save the Dates, Invitations and Extras:

Save The Date Cards
(keep in mind some guests will be couples & only require one save the date between them)

Single sided flat (A6) with envelope 50x 3.15 each, 75x 2.63 each, 100x 2.10 each

Postcard style 50x 3.68 each, 75x 3.15 each, 100x 2.63 each

Digital File ( no printing ) 80.00

Invitations & Envelopes
(keep in mind some guests will be couples & only require one save the date between them)

Single sided flat (A6) 50x 3.73 each,  75x 3.15 each, 100x 2.63 each

Single sided flat (DL) 50x 3.94 each, 75x 3.41 each, 100x 3.15 each

Single sided flat (5×7” & 120 square) 50x 4.57 each, 75x 3.68 each, 100x 3.41 each

Single fold (A6) 50x 5.25 each, 75x 4.57 each, 100x 3.26 each

A6 Pocketfold (w/ 3 inserts, ribbon or twine, tag) 50x 10.75 each, 75x 9.08 each, 100x 8.24 each

Digital File ( no printing ) 120.00

Add foiling (business card size area for 50x invitations) from $220

RSVP Cards

Single sided flat (A7) 50x 1.42 each, 75x 1.10 each, 100x 0.89 each

Single sided flat (A7) with envelope 50x 2.21 each, 75x 1.89 each, 100x 1.68 each

Information Card

Single sided flat (A6) 50x 2.31 each, 75x 1.68 each, 100x 1.37 each

Printed Envelope Labels ( wrap around the left side of your envelope )

With guest & return address 50x 3.32 each, 75x 2.48 each, 100x 2.04 each

Optional Extras (per invite)

Guest Names Printed 50.00 (flat fee)

Ribbon or Twine from 1.05

Rounded Corners (all 4 corners) 1.15 per invite

Custom Map – POA

Coloured Envelopes (upgrade) from 0.79

Metallic Envelopes (upgrade) from 1.05

Kraft, Coloured Card & Textured Card – POA

Wedding Day Stationery


Single sided flat (A6) 50x 2.52 each, 75x 1.84 each, 100x 1.58 each

Single sided flat (DL) 50x 2.78 each, 75x 2.10 each, 100x 1.84 each

Name Cards & Favour Tags

Single sided flat (40 x 80mm) 50x 1.84 each, 75x 1.66 each, 100x 1.52 each

Tent style (40 x 80mm once folded) 50x 2.10 each, 75x 1.85 each, 100x 1.68 each

Favour tag (w/ generic message) 50x 1.69 each, 75x 1.27 each, 100x 1.04 each

Table Cards 
(price when you order other stationery, and minimum of 5 ordered)

Single Sided Flat (A6) 5.00 each

Double Sided Flat (A6) 7.00 each

Seating Plans

A3 (unmounted) 115.00

A2 (unmounted) 135.00

A1 (unmounted) 150.00

A6 cards (up to 8) 115.00

A6 cards (9 to 15) 125.00

Order of Service 

Single sided flat (A6) 50x 2.52 each, 75x 1.84 each, 100x 1.58 each

Single sided flat (DL) 50x 2.78 each, 75x 2.10 each, 100x 1.84 each

Single fold (A6) 50x 4.68 each, 75x 4.41 each, 100x 4.00 each

Fans (A6) 50x 4.62 each, 75x 3.66 each, 100x 3.20 each

wedding stationery pricing, Creative Box

Thank You Cards:

Thank You Cards & Envelopes

Single side flat (A6) 50x 2.68 each, 75x 2.04 each, 100x 1.80 each

Double sided flat (A6) 50x 3.35 each, 75x 2.56 each, 100x 2.30 each

Single Fold (A6 with message printed inside) 50x 3.94 each, 75x 3.12 each, 100x 3.42 each 

Measurement Guide:

A7 (105 x 74mm)

A6 (148 x 105mm)

A3 (420 x 297mm)

A2 (594 x 420mm)

A1 (841 x 594mm)

DL (210 x 99)

5×7″ (178 x 125mm)

Square (120 x 120mm) 

All prices are in New Zealand dollars and are subject to change without notice. All prices are GST inclusive 


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