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Designing this website for my dearest friend Katrina was a dream. Katrina started Copy Proof NZ in 2021 and has been busy building a fantastic client list of publishers, and NZ and international businesses needing their manuscripts, books, manuals, website content etc proof read and copy edited. In the background we've been squirrelling away getting her website designed so she has a great internet presence, and a place for her clients to see her services.

The website is warm and fun with the pink, yet professional and sophisticated with the added deep blue blue and use of fonts - she loves these colours and fonts, but they also tell you so much about Katrina and the service you'll receive - and I can tell you, there isn't a single spelling mistake on this website, Katrina is one professional and an expert with the rules of the written word and you'll have a good laugh.

Check out their website for Copy Proof NZ here: copyproof.co.nz

Website design for Copy Proof NZ, by Creative Box. Waikato, New Zealand.
Copy Proof NZ website design by Creative Box. Waikato, New Zealand

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