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THANK YOU CARDS // Hi everyone, this month Im covering the proper etiquette to writing and sending your thank you cards after your wedding. This is an important one, as you want your guests and those who contributed to your special day to know how much you appreciated their support, gifts and time spent celebrating with you.

So Im covering the basic do’s and don’ts you need to know, and how and where to get started… it's pretty simple I promise!

Time -  We all get caught up in the midst of post wedding glow, but this is the best time to get the thank you cards written and posted out. Ideally these should be done within 3 months of your wedding day.

Design - Contact your stationey designer to carry out the design aspect of your cards. They will be able to design them to co-ordinate with your earlier wedding stationery. Alternatively, you can try out the templates from an online print service, or simply grab “thank you” note paper or cards from your local stationery store.

Wording - Personalise your message with a thank you for the gift or cash gift, and how you intend to use it. (Don’t mention the cash value though!). A handwritten note is proper etiquette, but if you hate your handwriting or short on time, then by all means add a sweet simple printed message. People will still appreciate the thought anyway.

Thanking Everyone -  Send thank you cards to all those who gave you a gift, played a part or contributed to the day, traveled a long distance, or just celebrated with you.

Order Extras -  Make sure to order a couple of extra thank you cards, in case of mistakes when writing your messages.

Spelling - Ensure you spell everyones names correctly – else it might be a wee bit embarrassing.
Personalise: Include a wedding photograph, or print it on the thank you card. This is a great way of sharing a moment from your wedding day.

For some of you, writing thank you cards probably seems a mile away, especially if you are just beginning to plan your day. But you can pin or save this for future reference.

Take care x


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