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INVITATION PLANNING // This part of the wedding planning can be tricky for some couples. So today’s post will hopefully make it easier for you, as we will cover the most important things to remember when planning your wedding invitations and stationery.

Where To Start – I often suggest hitting the internet, in particular browse pinterest.com for inspiration, and to give yourself an idea of what you like or may not like. Note: Pinterest.com is minefield of gorgeous images, and you can waste many hours on the site (trust me).

What Is Your Style? – Your wedding invitations are the first glimpse of the day ahead. So whether you have planned a laid-back intimate affair or a classic glam event, you invitation style should reflect this. The choice of styling for your wedding will help you decide the look and feel of your invitation. For example, if you were planning on a marquee wedding set out in the countryside amongst trees, you might decide to use ivory, creams and a touch of sage to recreate that organic feel of your day.

Colour Choice – You might like to include some colour into your invitation design, whether its in the illustration, choice of ribbon, card stock or envelopes. Take colour inspiration from your flower choice, bridesmaid dress colours, mens suits, and styling for the day.

Size/Shape – 5×7″ size invitations are popular here in New Zealand, as too are the pocket fold wallets with the three information inserts neatly tucked inside a pocket. Just keep in mind when deciding the size, if they are too big or bulky you may require two postage stamps on your envelope. This can add up in cost quickly.

Finding Your Stationer – There are lots of options available. You may want to choose to use a local stationer, and trust me when I say, there is some truly amazing stationery designers here in New Zealand! If you decide to choose a local stationer, you will find you can do the whole process via email, or you can meet face to face to chat about the details. Don’t forget to bring any images, color swatches with you! You might decide you would like to diy them yourself, and if so, the best places to visit are stores like Spotlight, Warehouse Stationery or if you are in Hamilton we have a great shop called Paperzone in Frankton. Or there are also many online sites such as Minted, Vistaprint and Zazzle that offer template designs which you can customise with your details and then order.

Fonts – Be sure to be careful when choosing your fonts. Too small or too swirly can make it difficult to read. As too can light coloured fonts on pale backgrounds, or red or dark fonts on a black background. Two to three fonts are normally recommended for design, and your stationer should be able to guide you with this.

Wording – (this is almost an entire another blog post, which I promise I will cover soon). When choosing your wording ensure it reflects your wedding style. If your day is little more relaxed and playful, then using very formal wording won’t be appropriate. For help with wording, I have samples available to browse here

Invitation Details – The key details to list on your invitation include; the bride and grooms names, wedding day and date, time of ceremony, venue and location, and briefly where the reception is held. You may also include the dress code and rsvp details. All other details about accommodation, directions etc should be included on a separate card or on your wedding website. This keeps your invitation from looking too cluttered and confusing.

Extras – You can go crazy with extras. From gold foiling, letter press, coloured cards and envelopes, belly bands, diamantes or pearls the choices are endless. Just keep in mind your budget, and that your invitations aren’t getting too bulky for the post.

Important Dates – “Save the Date” cards are generally sent out 9-12 months prior to the wedding date. These are great for informing guests, especially the overseas ones the wedding date and allows them book time off work. “Invitations” are then generally posted out 3-6 months prior to the wedding day. We tend to post ours out a bit earlier than the US as Christmas falls just before the beginning of the wedding season. When it comes to your “RSVP” date I recommend a date of 6 weeks prior to your wedding date, this allows plenty of time to notify the caterers, venue, and stationer and other important vendors who need to know numbers.

The Numbers – Once you have established your guest list, count how many invitations you will need. Couples will only require one between them, households/families only require one between them too (the exception being if a child living at home is over 18, then they should receive their own invitation).

Order Extras – Always order a couple of spare invitations…just in case, as it can be expensive to order only a few later on. I always suggest ordering 2-5 spares, in the likely hood you think of someone not already on the guest list, or forgotten… it happens!

Proof, Proof Proof – Proof very carefully! Check all the spelling, grammar and details. Often it’s a great idea to get someone else to proof too.

Have Fun – Have fun designing your invitation, inject some of your personality into it as its your day, as its about you two as the couple.  And if you have chosen a  great stationer, they will guide you through the process without making the whole thing overwhelming!

Hope this has been helpful. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask, you can contact me below. And if you enjoyed this post and want to see more, be sure to join the party and sign up to our mailing list.

Take care x


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