Website Photography: Pioneer Studio

Courtney Haines from 3C Workshops and Clo Content is the loveliest. I met her previously in the wedding industry and now we work a lot together in the business world. She is the most amazing wordsmith aka copywriter. So it was a privilege when Courtney asked me to design her logo, business card and website for her 3C Workshops. 

The 3C Workshops help busy New Zealand business owners figure out their brand personality, and then learn to communicate their message with clarity across all forms of content.

Courtney is a stylish, warm and very intelligent lady with a love for minimal. And Naomi from Pioneer Studio captured the essence of her beautifully in the photography which we've used through out the 3C Workshop website. It's always nice to be able to see who you'll be working with in these workshop situations. Plus we also used Courtney's personal brand as the processor for the overall look of the 3C Workshop feel. 

It's quite a text based website, and us humans are known to skim read and bore easily, so we used the photography, lots of blocks of neutral colours, simple fonts and white space to create interest. The great thick black lines and depth of the deep green foliage in the photographs also add more contrast without making it too difficult for the user to read through. Definitely one of my faves!

Logo & Business card designed for Courtney Haines at 3C Workshops. By Creative Box, New Zealand

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